Passwordless via Email: Users don't receive the OTP

Hi all,

We noticed an issue with the Passwordless log-in set-up we’re currently using for our app. With this option, our users are supposed to be able to sign up using a one-time password authentication which they receive via email messages. A lot of users report that they never receive the OTP via email - which we have set up with Amazon SES.

Has anyone encountered similar challenges, or do you have any idea what might be causing this?

Thanks all

Hi @alexis.becker,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

The most common issue is emails going to a junk folder. I would ensure your user’s are seeing that happen before checking other things.

After that, it can be helpful to look at the logs of your email provider to see if the emails are being bounced for any reason. If you are seeing errors that should give a good indication of what is happening.

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