Verification emails through SendGrid don’t send but test emails get sent

SendGrid is used for external SMTP.
I have set up to send a Verification email when registering as a user, but some users do not receive the email.
When I checked the log of auth0, there is no log that the mail transmission failed or succeeded.
I want to know if there is a problem with the cooperation between Auth0 and SendGrid.

Hi @kodai.takahashi ,

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Could you please DM me your tenant, the email of a sample user, and the time when the email was triggered? And any rules/actions might filter out some users?

Also, anything in the SendGrid log?


We are seeing this issue as well Lihua and there have been several community posts around this same issue. This is starting to seem like an issue on the Auth0 side considering so many others are having the same problem.

Our Engineering team is aware of this issue. We will provide updates as soon as the info is available.


This is still broken, any update or estimate?

We are still waiting for updates from our Engineering team, and will check again on Monday and let you know.

Hi @sasha.mace ,

Our Engineering team restarted a server and an application and have seen improvement. Do you still experiencing this issue?

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Has the problem of not being able to send emails been resolved?

This issue has been resolved.

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