Verification Email not received

I am not receiving verification emails anymore. I am not using any external smtp. Is that an issue?. This is just for hobby purpose.

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You are right. The Auth0 build-in email provider is for testing only. I suggest you set up the external SMTP and try it again. This article explains the details.

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Hi @lihua.zhang,

Thank you for the reply.

I have setup and external SMTP using SendGrid, and when I test the connection it is working fine. But during singnups, the automatic verification link is not being sent. ,

Thank you for the updates.

Could you please try again and check in the tenant log (Monitoring → Logs) if there is any failure? And any Rules/Actions that might block sending the verification email? Thanks!


There was ‘Success Signup’ entry in the logs, but nothing regarding emails or failure. I only have one rule for GeoIp. I havent configured any actions. ,

Thank you for the updates.

Ideally, it should work. I am curious if this happens with all applications or a specific application.

Could you please try the following and check the verification email?

  1. Delete the user who signed up previously on the Auth0 Dashboard.
  2. Click on “Try” from the connection and sign up again with the same user.

Thank you!


Thank you for the reply. I found the issue.

I deleted the user, and signed up from ‘Try’ in connection as you mentioned. This time I received an email. I even removed the external SMTP and went with the default, and I received the email then too.

So when I checked the login script, I have added ‘email_verified:true’. When I removed this, everything got working correctly.

Thank you for the updates! Glad to know that you have found the cause of this issue! :clap: :+1: