User Management dashboard not sending verification emails

Hi. I’m in the User Management dashboard and I’m trying to send an Email Verification, but I’m not receiving any email (see attached image). The same has occurred on multiple user emails. Any reason why this might happen?

Hi @andrei5,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

When checking your settings on your tenant, it looks like you have configured a Custom External SMTP Email Provider.

Looking into your logs, I noticed that the email is being successfully registered as sent on the Auth0 side.

At this point, there is a handover to Sendgrid (your email provider) to handle sending emails. With that, I recommend checking your Sendgrid Activity to determine why these emails are not being sent.

As a quick test, you could switch off your Custom Email Provider and try resending the Verification Email to the user to deduce the problem to your custom email provider. Let me clarify that when you disable the “Use my own email provider” switch, all of your settings will be saved and retained, but it will be greyed out so no edits or changes can be made. Then in the future, you can just reenable this feature and continue using your custom email provider.


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