When Using Amazon SES, Emails are not Being Sent

Problem Statement

Using SES as an email provider. The configuration test emails are coming through just fine, but when a user is invited to an organization or creates a change password ticket, the emails are not being received. A ticket URL is arriving from the response from the Management Client, but no emails. Both the corporate email addresses and some Gmail addresses have been tried. This article discusses what could be the possible issues and how they can be resolved.


SES is used and is not receiving emails from the test/end users.
Email provider test email may work, however.


  • Check tenant logs for type: “fn”
  • Check errors - common error in this case is:

“error”: “Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region [AMAZON REGION HERE]: [TARGET EMAIL HERE]”

  • Check FROM addresses in use in email templates.


  • Amazon SES requires that emails used for sending are verified when it is in “sandbox mode”. Please see this page for more details.
  • If the FROM value for a template is customized (or the default from address), the email used for the from address must be verified in SES.


In order to send emails with AWS SES, all form addresses in use by the email provider and template settings must be verified, or the SES account must be moved out of sandbox mode. Please see Email address is not verified (AWS SES).