Email Template Test Not Sending Email

I am trying to configure/test email sending but experiencing an issue where emails are not being sent (or not being received) when clicking the “Try” button on an email template.

I am using Amazon SES

If I click “Send a Test Email” in the “Providers” section, I receive an email successfully.

If I click the “Try” button on an email template, enter my email address and don’t change the connection (which is the connection I want to use), I get a message in the UI to say the email was sent successfully, in the logs, instead of a "Send an email template as a test’ entry, I get “Update an email template”. No email is received.

If, however, I do the same thing but select the “Username-Password-Authentication” connection, I DO receive an email and I DO get a “Send an email template as a test” entry in the logs.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there something on the connection that could be misconfigured?

:wave: @dwalker I see you are using Amazon as your email provider. Do you see anything reaching their end? Are you not receiving any of the email templates or is it a specific one?

Also, is the email you are sending to belong to an existing user in your account?