E-mails not beign send

Hello guys, after taking a look on other similar problems I decide to create my own topic here on the community.

I’m facing a problem when trying to send e-mails via SMTP on Auth0 (already have a custom e-mail provider), the e-mail never arrives but is always sent, on Auth0 Logs and also on the SMPT logs, both are OK.

The problem is, when I hit the SEND TEST E-MAIL on the custom e-mail provider, it arrives instantly, but any other e-mail template does not work, already tried some endpoints via API, tried to turn on and off the e-mail templates after add the SMTP credentials, etc…

Btw I’m running on Mailgun, was using AWS SES before but the e-mails were taking 3 hours to arrive so I’m trying different providers to solve this problem.

Yes with the SES the e-mails arrive but taking this long is not acceptable. Can someone give me a hand?

Hi @MuriloFRL,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

The email logs will usually help you track down where the send is failing.

If Auth0 is showing a successful log, then usually it is somewhere downstream. Same with the provider; if it is showing successfully sent, then the email may be held up in the client.

Have you tried sending to different email addresses to rule out an issue with the single email client?

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