Emails suddenly not being sent

This morning I have suddenly stopped receiving any auth0 emails during signup, password change etc.

Even if I use the “Send test email” function it returns a 200, and there are no failed notification errors in the logs but the email is not being sent to AWS.

I have an AWS email provider configured and if I look at the dashboard in AWS they have not received any email requests from auth0 for the day.

I switched over to using an SMTP provider with AWS instead of just the default AWS SES provider and it worked. Strange that I’ve had no problems with the previous mechanism for quite some time.

I’m having this problem and switching to SMTP did not fix it.

Test emails work with API and SMTP methods, but normal flow emails don’t.

Basically, the error is that Auth0 seems to be trying to send the email as the recipient and SES is replying with:

“details”: {
“email_type”: “verify_email”,
“to”: “”,
“error”: “Message failed: 554 Message rejected: Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region US-WEST-2:

This seems to have started a few days ago. It was all working a few weeks ago.

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