Automatic emails fail to send

Hello! Hope all is well with everyone.

I know this question is somewhat of a duplicate but I couldn’t seem to find a thread matching our specific circumstances.

Our understanding is that Auth0 sends emails automatically under certain conditions - during the password reset process, when folks activate the brute force protection when trying to sign in, etc. At this point in time, Auth0 doesn’t appear to be sending any emails automatically, and we can’t find any details as to why.

Our email provider is Amazon SES, and our email templates are all set up, enabled, and filled out as necessary. Manually sending emails directly from the Auth0 Admin Console appears to work perfectly fine. Looking at SES, we don’t even see the requests making it to our SES instance from Auth0 unless they are manually triggered by us.

Is something about our emails still misconfigured? Is there somewhere we can look for more details or logs regarding the failures?

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated - thanks for taking the time to read and respond!

Side Note - I recently opened this question as well regarding a management API error, and because they both more or less involve emails I wonder if they may be related somehow? Is it that Auth0 won’t automatically send emails until email_verified is set to true or something similar?

Just bumping this topic with the hope folks will have some input here!