"PUT /email is not available for custom connections" Management API Error

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My apologies if this has been covered in another location or thread. I looked around but couldn’t seem to find anything on this. If this is a duplicate, please let me know so I can close this thread and add to the conversation in the correct location.

We are successfully using Auth0 login workflows on many of our clients, this question actually stems from issues I’ve run into trying to implement some custom logic on our end leveraging the Auth0 Management API. The request throwing that error is a PATCH request on api/v2/users/, where we’re just attempting to update a handful of user values when they’re updated on our platform. The error message itself is fairly straight forward, the issue is that we aren’t even hitting that specific endpoint.

This being said, we are updating user values related to email, such as email_verified .

So the question is this - how can I work around this error? Is something misconfigured on our end? It makes sense that api/v2/users/ hits your /email endpoint on its own, but if we’re unable to update these values manually via this API, I’m not sure I understand how they’re intended to be updated since we are using a Custom Database Connection and would prefer not to implement the “standard” Auth0 email verification workflow at this time.

I have looked at the the documentation around the change email script, the list of user endpoints, and the docs around Custom Database Connections, and I don’t see anything about not updating email values for a custom connection.

Any details or clarification would be beneficial! Thanks in advance for your time, Auth0 community!

Can you double-check that the custom database connection associated with the user being updates defines both:

  • the get_user script
  • the change_email script.

@jmangelo thanks for the quick response!
The get_user script was not implemented yet. I’ve been trying to get working. I will update here once the script is implemented and let you know! Thanks!

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@jmangelo Thank you for your response here, the get_user script ended up being the issue! I am now successfully calling api/v2/users/.

Greatly appreciate your response! I’m glad it was a relatively simple solution.

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We are here for you @blink!

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