Verification emails are received only by users with emails

When users sign up it is expected they receive a verification email
Verification emails are received only by users with emails.
Verification emails are not reaching users with other email providers.

The same situation when triggering the verification email from Auth0 ‘User Management’ section for a particular user with non-Gmail email provider.
Our email providers are Amazon SES.

Error type from logs is fn,
error message: Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region US-EAST-1.

I have seen a related unsolved old topic on the forum New accounts - problem sending out verification emails .
In which ways could I try to solve my case? Thank you for all the ideas!

Hi @vitalina ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

This FAQ outlines the same error that you received.

When your SES account is in “sandbox” mode, you can:

  1. Only send from verified domains and email addresses, and
  2. Only send to verified domains and email addresses

In order to send it to anyone else, you must move your account out of sandbox mode by contacting AWS support and requesting it:

Hopefully, it could be helpful for your case!

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