Hotmail Verification Email going to Spam

Hello! Im doing some tests so, I try to send a verification-email, when I use an email from everything it’s ok, the email is in the received folder but when I use an email from is sent to spam. Why is this happening ?

Hey there Evan!

Thanks for reporting that. I will try do discuss it with appropriate team and get back to you with the news as soon as I have anything to share!

Can you tell me what SMTP provider you use?

We have SMTP selected and it it going through AWS SES

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Got it. I think I already saw someone with such issues on AWS SES. Let me search that and come back to you as soon as I have news to share

Hi, just following up to see if any information is available.

Hey there!

Yep sorry for the delay. Unfortunately other people experiencing problems with emails and Amazon SES were different kind of issue. However I managed to find this:

Thank you very much Konrad. Unfortunately I don’t believe this to be the issue as our current SES config and stats do meet the specifications that are mentioned in that article. The only email that is sent from our SES account that appears is the Verification email for hotmail accounts. I will look to see if there are content updates that I can make to the email that may make it go through.