Auto-renewal without notice despite renewal failures

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Hi Team,

I did not sign up for Auto renewal and Auth0 decided to forcibly do it anyway. The company debit card is currently lost / awaiting a new one to be issued while this transaction came through.

  1. I have no notice on the renewal
  2. Despite these many failures in renewal not a single email from Auth0.

This is shoddy behaviour and I would like to report this to ACCC ( as I have got no response over emails and the renewal went through without notice and without consent on a card that is lost.

Hi @udaykor

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I’m sorry that this happened to you. Did you open a ticket regarding this problem at the


I cannot create a ticket with free tier Dawid.

Can you send your contact email address and tenant name via DM to the @support group, I will create a ticket on your behalf.


Hi @dawid.matuszczyk I have now sent a DM

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