Need refund following undesired auto-renew

We have a small pilot project currently running in the Free Plan. However, we had a technical issue in November, and for a few days we were issuing a huge number of auth tokens. To cope with the spike in tokens, we paid for one month (November) of the Developer Plan.

After about three days the tech issue was resolved, and we went back to a very low load. I assumed that the plan would fall back to Free automatically at the end of the month, but I was mistaken. Now I received an invoice for an automated payment for the month of December.

This second payment is unnecessary and unintentional, and we haven’t gone beyond the Free plan limits. Please help us revert the latest payment.

Hey there!

Can you contact me here sending a private message with your email and tenant name so we can try fixing it? Thanks!

Once you provide me with that information I’ll create an internal ticket and one of our developer support associates should fix that for you.

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Thank you, I’ve sent the private message.

Just reading it let’s continue our conversation in there.

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