Universal Login - MFA - change default MFA mechanism

Hi there,

Is it possible to change the preferred/default MFA factor that is displayed on the Universal Login’s MFA page?

This is what new users of our system currently see:

The MFA factors we have enabled currently are:

  • One-time Password
  • Phone Message (SMS)
  • Recovery code

As it turns out, a lot of our customers have no idea what to do with this or what it even is, let alone that need some kind of app for it. They would much rather prefer SMS.

Is it possible to change the default MFA factor displayed in this page and push the OTP factor into the Try another method option?

Your help is much appreciated!

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Hi @emiel ,

As per the current design, we can not customize the default MFA factor. Alternatively, if you want to display a list of MFA factors for users to choose, as an enterprise customer, you could reach out to our Suppor team to enable a feature flag.

Please refer to this FAQ for details. Thanks!

Good morning @lihua.zhang,

Could you tell me what that would look like?

All options would be shown in the screenshot I pasted in the OP instead of the Try another method link?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, you are right. The list will have all the options instead of the Try another method link.

That is interesting and I believe a lot less confusing for a great number of our userbase.

Would it be open for discussion to also be able to change the order of this list. SMS as the first item?

Please feel free to communicate your use case with our Product team via our Feedback page. Since your tenant has enterprise subscription, you could also open a support ticket and discuss with our Product Support team.

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