Ability to select the default MFA factor


We have enabled MFA with 2 factors: One-time password and SMS. Based on our user base, we would like to default the users to SMS during the enrollment process (it seems like out of the box it defaults to a One-time password). Is there a way to achieve that?


Hey there!

Not sure how to achieve that but let me research that for you and get back as soon as I have news to share!

Ok, it seems like I found the way to do it. Basically, there is an option that can be passed to a widget:

new Auth0MFAWidget({
    defaultEnrollmentFactor: "sms"

What is a little bit inconvenient is that I couldn’t find any documentation anywhere about the options that can be used to configure the widget (with the exception of themeing). The widget isn’t open-source doesn’t help either. I had to resort to inspecting minified JavaScript bundle which isn’t great. If someone could link this ticket to relevent documentation that would be much appreciated.

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Perfect! Glad you have figured it out. For the other question it will be better if you open a separate topic for better searchability