Show SMS before OTP

We enable both SMS and OTP in the New Universal Login MFA flow. First OTP appears and SMS is an alternative. 80% of our users will not know what OTP is and will more naturally want SMS.

Is there a way to show SMS as the primary and OTP as the alternative in the New Universal Login MFA flow?

To my knowledge there’s currently no way through configuration to influence which factor is offered as the default. This means that the one offered will depend on which ones are enabled and I’m afraid if OTP is available it will currently be offered as primary instead of SMS.

From a quick check I can see that such a capability (influence priority of factors) has already been requested before as we’re tracking that possibility in our product backlog. If you haven’t done so already I would strongly suggest for you to leave feedback about this situation through so that our product team can better gauge the demand for such functionality.

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