Passwordless and Username+Password at the same time

Hi Guys,

I’ve read through the forums and this seems to be closest to my question: Database and Passwordless - #8 by James.Morrison

I want to allow users to have the choice of google, username+password or passwordless. It seems that it can’t be done currently but I’m holding onto some hope as I can’t find anywhere in the forums or docs that explicitly says it can’t be done.

Can someone confirm with certainty that v11 of lock does not support both passwordless and database (username+password) at the same time?

It would be also be good to know if its actually possible to implement what I want as a custom UI as suggested by the last answer on this topic:


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Hey there Chris!

Let me check if doing passwordless as well as user+email in Lock at the same time is possible. I’ll get back to you soon!

Hey there!

I quickly researched our docs:

and confirmed it with the team and unfortunately it’s not possible to have users choose between passwordless or username + password here.

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