Passwordless and Password at the same time

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By looking trough the forums I found this one and it seems the guy had same problem/question as I do.

So the question is - is it still not possible to have passwordless and password at the same time?


Hi @nicolae.caliman

Welcome to the Auth0 Community. Unfortunately, the New Universal Login Experience doesn’t fully support that desired flow.

However, this is supported when using a custom login page. We have an example here (How to use Passwordless, Database and Social connections in the same classic universal login page ).

With that said, technically, it is also possible to perform this flow in the New Universal Login page by utilizing the Page Template ( ) functionality and a few redirects. On your login page, you can include a link that says something along the lines of “Login with passwordless” which then redirects to a page hosted by yourself that automatically redirects back to the /authorize endpoint with connection=email. This will then trigger the login flow with the passwordless email flow. The instructions on how to use the Passwordless flow with the New Universal Login Experience can be found here: Passwordless with Universal Login

In terms of native New Universal Login support, our team is evaluating this feature, but I don’t have any dates that I can share about that.


The link to passwordless with new universal login does not works

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Hi @alexandro.oliveira

Good catch! I used the wrong URL, I’ve just fixed the post. Thank you!