Auth0 universal login UI usage with passwordless approach

If some of my users can use a passwordless approach, and in a case when I am using Auth0 universal login UI, is it possible to customize Auth0 universal login UI to ask which approach is preferable throughout sign-up prosses and then on the login step?

Hi @zhygliy,

I understand that you would like to know if it’s possible to use a Passwordless Connection and Database Connection with the Universal Login Page.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to dynamically render the Universal Login Page with both a Passwordless and Database Connection together for a single application.

The Auth0 Lock.js expresses the usage for Passwordless Connections and Database Connections and confirms that the Universal Login Page cannot enable both at the same time for a single application (clientId). Hence, the logical separation in objects created in new Auth0Lock and new Auth0LockPasswordless.

Because of this, I recommend choosing one of the two approaches to render your Universal Login Page.

However, if you plan on serving one application per type of connection, then you may find this related community topic relevant: Passwordless and Universal Login at the same time

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