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Hi, if I enable passwordless, will the logged in user be identified as the same user who uses the same email in an existing database connection?

Currently, what I’ve seen on the forum is that we have to choose between Lock and Lock (passwordless) for the hosted login page. Is there a combined interface that allows the user to either login with email and password or with email (passwordless), at the user’s option?


Hey there @customautosys! Our linking user accounts document sounds just like what you are looking for. I completely recommend giving it a peek and if you have any questions after feel to let me know!


Hm it might partially solve the 1st problem (although it’s still not what I want because I don’t want to link accounts but I want the passwordless email to be considered the same as the database account), but not the second. How would I display both lock and passwordless on the same hosted login page? Because now it makes me choose either the lock or the passwordless template. If I had known I would have chosen passwordless to start with, but now I already have too many database users.


Or is it possible to simply convert all my existing database users to email passwordless?


Hey @customautosys I wanted to follow up and it sounds like you may be able to customize your Hosted Login Page to check the requested connection and instantiate passwordless or standard lock.

I do believe different migrations are possible but may depend on your level of subscription.

Please let me know if this helps you in your quest. Thanks!


But is it possible to simply have both Lock and Lock passwordless on the Universal login’s hosted page?
If lock can’t enable that, is it possible via a custom template on the hosted page with auth0-s JS sdk?


Hey @ajv I wanted to follow up that you won’t be able to have both Lock and Lock Passwordless on the Universal login’s hosted page as you choose between the two during setup here.

You might be looking for something more like the custom UI when leveraging the Auth0.js in the Hosted Login page as described below:


Is there any sample custom UI that we can reference for allowing both Passwordless and normal Lock at the same time?
It would make sense to allow the users to choose either option for their email - e.g. they might forget the password, or they might temporarily be unable to access email at any given time.


We have some direct documentation on utilizing the Custom UI found below in Lock documentation but not for the pairing you suggested. Please let me know if you have any more questions on this matter. Thanks!


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