Is it possible to have some of my apps support passwordless and the others not with the universal login page using Lock?

I have a bunch of applications and I want to enable passwordless only in some of them and the others will be using the regular database connections. I can select the connections for the applications from the dashboard but how can I set this up in the universal login page with Lock?

This link has a sample snippet for how this can be implemented. The idea is to branch the code into two with a conditional logic using the config.clientID. This allows to use both Auth0LockPasswordless and Auth0Lock in the same hosted page.

is it possible to have both options on a single site? We are thinking of moving away from passwordless because our mobile app does not have auth0 for logging…regular username/password

Could you expand the use case a little bit more? I understand that you would like to have passwordless and regular database on the same login page. But I’m not sure about the reason. Perhaps I can offer a better a solution if I can understand the use case.

We have legacy users that are using password standard login on our site on our database. We implemented passwordless option but some didn’t use it. Additionally we have a mobile app that we cannot get any help to integrate auth0 passwordless to use so we need to keep the password option. Optimally we want to use one option only.

We have legacy users that are using password standard login on our site on our database.

Is the regular user/password implemented with Auth0 or is it a different login system? I would like to give an answer assuming you will want to use Auth0 both for the regular login and the passwordless login.

Currently, Lock widget doesn’t support passwordless and regular DB together. But, it is possible to implement regular login and passwordless using Auth0.js. Here is one sample from one of my colleague. Basic idea is to implement a custom universal login page which should work both for your site and the mobile application. Note that the sample hosted page is implemented with Auth0.js v8. Though it should work, you may want to migrate it to v9. Migration documentation can be found here.

Appreciate the feedback. Let me try to understand what is stated. I am by far not that up on this information.

We are using our wordpress system for login/registration with password. We should have migrate users to auth0 when logging in enabled.

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