Use both password and passwordless

Looking to get some clarification around Auth0’s passwordless feature.

Can’t have both password and passwordless? I was trying to update our tenant so that we could get users to log in with either magic link/opt or password, but it appears passwordless creates a secondary connection with different accounts; so that approach seems like a no go?

If the above is true - is it possible to have one “email” connection per Organization, so that we can physically apply separation between our SaaS clients?

We’re really just looking to get a sign/in experience like some of the SaaS products out there (Slack, Expensify) where one can use a password or get an email with a magic link/otp.

You can have both on your application, but will need to specify when you are sending to the login widget. Stated here: Passwordless with New Universal Login

A database user and a passwordless user are separate entities in Auth0, but can be connected with User Account Linking

Not helpful @dan.woda. We should not have to specify the connection parameter.

Identity first means email provided first and it’s your call where they should be sent.

This is an Auth0 problem, not ours.

A database user and a passwordless user are separate entities in Auth0


I’ve had a proof-of-concept running on at test-account, where we clone the first identity -first screen on our server, sending the response to our server, detecting if the is a password-account or at password-less-account, and the forwarding the the proper second screen.

It works, but it is by far ideal.

I also vote for auth0 doing a similar setup, so it can be done transparent.


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I’ve described my setup here:

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I’m not sure the OP was asking for identifier first option, but just asking how to replicate a Slack-like login experience. If you want to submit a feature request, feel free to do that here: Feedback


Thanks for the write up!

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