Free choice og password or passwordless login


Is it possible to setup auth0 so my users can choose between using passwords and using passwordless?

I’ve tested for some time, and my conclution is that I can send let users choose two different links to use the two different connection, but they have to choose the same connection when logging in.

The optimal would be that the login-page thecks if the mail-address using passwords or password-less, and request password or the OTP-code. Ofcourse there would be a challange if a user exists for both, but I’m sure that could also be handled.

Any tips?


Ok I’ve got a little more clever over the last week or so :wink:

I have a proof-of-concept running, doing want I want.

I clone the first auth0-diaplog, where I let the user enter their email, and send them to my site. where I validate the email on my server, to check if a email is using password or using password-less. Depending on witch connection is valid, I can redirect to either:


It works, but I have to maintain an extra dialog+handling, fr at function that I feel should be within the natural flow of the auth0-dialogs.

Is there any way to make this happen directly in the authorize flow, or is it just me being wierd?