Auth0 with social logins and passwordless

I am interested to use both SSO using social logins and passwordless connection simultaneously. Is it possible? If I include passwordless connection, the social login methods(google,facebook and microsoft options do not show when I pass the “connection:email” as a parameter to the loginWithPopup(). If I remove this attribute, then the SSO social logins show up but the passwordless flow does not show. I am confused as to why it isn’t possible to have a combination of both flows together.

If you are using new universal login then as per this answer it is not supported: Can't set two login options: (1) passwordless (2) email & pass - #3 by dan.woda

If you are using classic universal login then the solution is described here: How to use Passwordless, Database and Social connections in the same classic universal login page

Actually, I take it back, I found this post where the user was able to use passwordless along with other social options: Login in options in wrong order when using passwordless in new-universal-login

Turns out all I had to do was disable database option for my application and voilà, I was able to get the passwordless login working with Google and Microsoft social logins.

I am not setting the connection field in AuthorizationParams | @auth0/auth0-react while instantiating Auth0Provider.
If you set the connection field, it’s only gonna render the specified login option.