Login in options in wrong order when using passwordless in new-universal-login

We are using some social login options as well as the passwordless login option in the new universal login. We have the the database turned off and google, facebook, and paswordless email enabled for our connections. Then we also have Identifier First selected in the authentication profile. But when we render the login page it shows a mix up of the options in the ui (see image)

@dan.woda I have noticed you have a lot of answers when it comes to the new universal login so hoping you could help me here :grinning:

Hi @austinrandall,

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Can you please give an example of what you are expecting to see? What would the correct order be?

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Thanks for the heads up!

As far as what order i expect to see. I dont really care is the social options or the email option is first but i expect one to be at the top and the others after the OR but right now they are all at the first and there is nothing after the OR

Oh got it! I didn’t notice that at first. I’ll pass this along to our engineering teams.

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I sent you a DM with a request for some tenant info.

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