Changing the order of social providers on the login page?

I have an application using both username/password login and Google OAuth, and I’m using a Lock-based Universal Login page for login/sign up.

Is it possible to change the order of the login options from within the Lock widget? Specifically, by default Sign in with Google is shown above the username/password fields, but I would like to reverse that. I’ve tried using the allowedConnections option in Lock but it doesn’t appear to respect the ordering, just defines what is enabled or not. I would like to make this change but don’t want to (for example) use jQuery to move div elements around inside the widget.

Thanks for your advice.

Hey there!

I guess it’s not possible but let me research that and get back to you soon!

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Hey there!

The research took me a while but unfortunately I don’t have good news. Here’s more on that:

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Bummer… But thanks for doing the research and getting back to me!

No worries! We’re here for you!

++ would like this feature too

Hey there @DaleLaPlante!

Feel free to file a feature request using our product feedback form: