Change social login buttons order in new universal login

Apple requires that we show their social sign-in button prominently: Buttons - Sign in with Apple - Human Interface Guidelines - Apple Developer

From what I checked on this topic(Can I specify order in which the social provider buttons appear?), it is not possible to change the order of the social sign-in buttons.

The problem is that we had one of our Apple apps refused in the Apple Store because the button wasn’t the first (on top) of the social sign-in buttons.

I would like to know if there is any way to solve this issue using the new universal login, otherwise, we have the risk to have our app refused in the apple store again =(

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Hey there!

Let me ask appropriate product manager about that and get back to you soon!

Unfortunately I’ve got bad news cause as of now that is not an option but as an iOS developer I will tell you that Apple Reviews are relatively random from time to time :slight_smile: cause each team you re-submit those they are reviewed by different people so it can get rejected some day but the other without any changes it will get accepted :slight_smile:

BUT! :slight_smile:

I was asked by the product manage if you can create a topic in our feedback category providing all that context so we can add it as an item to our backlog.Thanks!

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@konrad.sopala Thank you for the help. :wink:

As suggested, I submitted a feature request on the feedback category:

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Perfect! Thanks for doing that!