Change social login buttons order in new universal login (2023)

Feature: Change social login buttons order in new universal login

Description: The order takes came from the order you create it. Is not a good experience. I would like to have the choice to change one I’ve create it.

Use-case: Our product team ask to change the order because we have now more users from gmail than Facebook.

Hey there @ldibello thanks for the feedback! Our team monitors these for community engagement, so let’s hope it gets some votes from other community members :rocket:

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Hi, maybe I have no vote, but I saw some different request with the same issue.

Is there any update?

Hey there @ldibello sorry just getting back to you on this! Unfortunately, I do not have any update on this - Thanks for pointing out the other thread, I definitely recommend adding your input there if you haven’t already. I will go ahead and close this one out so as not to have a duplicate.


I don’t understand, you close it because of duplication, but I show you that’s is not only my ask on this issue, and that’s should count as vote.

Ill try to create a ticket support, see if Im lucky with that.



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