Can't set two login options: (1) passwordless (2) email & pass

I auth0 dashboard, in my app → connections, the two connections: Database & Email (passwordless) are enabled.
In my react I want to give my users two options to login: (1) passwordless (2) email & pass
so I use both:
loginWithRedirect({ connection: “email” })
loginWithRedirect({connection: “Username-Password-Authentication” })
but it ignores passwordless login, and show for both same email&pass login.
only if I disable “Database” in auth0 dashboard I can use passwordless login, but then only passwordless login.
how can I give my users both options ?

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Hi @haimsch,

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This isn’t supported in New Universal Login, but you can find a workaround with custom logins here: How to use Passwordless, Database and Social connections in the same classic universal login page

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