Passwordless with Universal Login and Email + Password in Single Tenant

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I am using passwordless with Universal Login and in particular the email option of passwordless. Does anyone know how to support both password and passwordless (w/ email) with a single login page? How does one offer both options to the user? I notice the documentation says " You will also need to pass the &connection=email query parameter to the /authorize endpoint." I’m not sure where this authorize endpoint is located? I’m using nextjs-auth0 library.

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I have the same question about supporting multiple connection types for a single login modal. Why hasn’t anyone written you back about this?

As far as where to pass the connection=email, we pass ours as part of the authorizationParams object within the Auth0Provider component from the auth0/auth0-react frontend SDK. Should be similar for you in next. Alongside the authorizationParams object, you should have domain, clientId, cacheLocation etc also defined. So, in order to find the right place to add this, I would search for those keywords in your repo if you already have a working auth0 universal login implementation in your app.

Thanks @misley, yea eventually we figured it out. It seems like Auth0 doesn’t detect the different types of connections available for the given user email and then provide a choice to the user. Seems like it is up to us to determine and set the connection.