Lock with social email and phone


we have auth0 already up in the production for a few years. We are using Lock library for email + password + social login. We would like to keep using those, but with phone login too.

It looks like it is not possible to have both password and passwordless at the same screen.

Is my observation correct? It looks like we will have to implement our own UI for this case which we would like to avoid.


Hi @jtbluesky,

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From everything I can find, you are correct. You cannot have both on the same screen.

One workaround for this I have found, if you don’t want to build out a complete UI, is to have a login button for passwordless and a button for other connections, then initialize the respective lock form.

If you would like to request this feature formally, you can do so on our product feedback page.

Hope this helps!

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