SMS and Email options together on the screen for lock

Hey, I am wondering, is it possible to display SMS and email options on the screen by using auth0 lock passwordless? Right now I can see only email login if [“sms”, “email”] provided as allowed conenctions

Hi @mykyta.balashov ,

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For the passwordless login, if both SMS and Email are enabled under the passwordless connection, then the following will happen.

It will first prompt the user to enter the email. Once entering the code from the email, it will prompt the user to enter the phone number. After filling in the code received from the phone, the user can log in.

As of the current design, we don’t support displaying SMS and email on the same login screen. Please feel free to communicate your use case with our product team via the feedback page.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the reply!

You are welcome :blush:

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