Passwordless + disable Signups

Hi Auth0,

I’m trying to set up a passwordless connection along with 2 social connections. I have a list of users that I want to grant access to my app to. This is an internal app and I want to be able to control who signs up, so I’ve disabled public sign ups/

The 2 social connections seem to work fine and only let the users in my users table through. However when trying to use passwordless authentication for these users I get

{"error":"bad.connection","error_description":"Public signup is disabled"}

Any help would be appreciated.

Just a note, seems to be quite similar to this link

I have noticed the same thing. Even with public sign up disabled on the passwordless connection, the login page still says “Enter your email to sign in or create an account”.

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Hi AndrWeis,

Have you found solution to remove “or create an account”?

Hi @AndrWeis, @qnguyen, did you manage to remove “ or create an account ”? I can see in lock.min.js library that text is tied to a passwordlessEmailInstructions key in a dictionary. Is it possible to set a different passwordlessEmailInstructions somehow?