Passworldless - Public signup is disabled (Disable Sign Ups is disabled)

I keep getting “Public signup is disabled” when using Passwordless for organizations (The opplication is setup to allow only team members of organizations). Even if “Disable Sign Ups” is disable. Is this some know bug, or am I getting something wrong?

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I don’t know whether it helps narrow down the problem at all, but:

I’m in a similar position (with “Disable Sign Ups” turned off) where I cannot

  • sign in with passwordless (Public signup is disabled)
  • invite the passwordless user (Passwordless connections are not supported)

However this is only the case when going via an Organization.

If I instead go via Authentication > Passwordless > Email > Try and run the code it will successfully do a passwordless email sign in (but will obviously not have access to the organisation id).

Are you also working with organizations, like I am?

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