How to prevent users signups in Passwordless connections?

Is there anyway to disable SIGNUP for Passwordless connections?

I can’t seem to find any options to only send a OTP to existing users and not allow signups.

Do I need to setup a rule?

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@jmangelo - Can you please help?

Passwordless connections have a Disable Sign Ups setting which should achieve this. You can enable this setting in the passwordless connection settings:

Dashboard > Connections > Passwordless > Your connection > Disable Sign Ups (bottom of the connection settings)

@prashant It should, but it does not seem to work :confused:

Connections > Passwordless > Email > Disable Sign Ups is active (green)

Clients > Connections has only email active (green)

Expected result: all signups prevented

Actual result: allows all signups

Any rules (i.e. Whitelist on the cloud or Whitelist ) for after that gets solved appear to have no effect either. Thanks in advance for hints and help

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I concur with @sudotestuser. Doesn’t work with Disable Sign Ups set to true.

If I create a user (non-confirmed) via the Management API and then request /passwordless/start from the Authentication API with this email address then I receive:

    "error": "bad.connection",
    "error_description": "Public signup is disabled"

Still happening - is there a fix/workaround for this? I need to invite beta users with signup disabled.