Passwordless Authentication via email

I have enabled and tested Passwordless authentication via email. Getting otp in via email during last step of the configuration. However, this doesn’t seems to be enabled while signing up or login. Can anyone explain what am I missing or what else needs to be configured?


  • Selected the target application while configuring the Passwordless auth via email. And accessing the same application.
  • Email Provider is configured already (sendgrid).
  • I tried sign up as well as login while accessing the target application, it is asking for email and password both, not sending an otp to the email.

Hi @rakesh.singh,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

After inspecting your Passwordless Email settings, I noticed that you have enabled the Disable Sign Ups toggle.

This was the reason why you were unable to get a Passwordless email to work with sign ups.

To disable this feature, please go to your Passwordless Email settings and scroll to the bottom of the page to turn off the toggle and save your changes.

Please let me know how this goes for you.


Hi Rueben,

Thanks for the assist.
However, my toggle for the “Disable Sign ups” was already off and it was not working for both - Sign Up as well as Login (once sign up has happened already and user is trying to login again).

Actually Universal Login Page needed to be customized to show the passwordless login. Which was not configured earlier, now it is. All is good now.

Appreciate your response though. Thanks.

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HI @rakesh.singh,

Thanks for the update and clarification!

I’m glad it’s all working now!

Please let reach out again if you any additional questions.


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