Password reset emails not received

Problem Statement

The configuration test emails are coming through just fine, but when we invite a user to an organization or create a change password ticket, the emails are not being received. We are getting different ticket URLs from the response from Management Client, but no emails. We have tried both our corporate email addresses and also Gmail addresses. Other email flows are working, but password reset emails are not being received.


A few reasons could cause this issue:

  • issue with your email provider configuration, such as a non-verified email address (SES and Sendgrid commonly have this error)

  • using the Management API password reset ticket endpoint, expecting it to send an email (which it doesn’t)

  • resetting a password for a non Database connection.


To trigger a password reset email outside of using the “Forgot password” link in Universal login, please make a POST to this endpoint:

The Management API reset password ticket endpoint will NOT send an email and is instead intended to allow for custom password reset flows by sharing the ticket URL with the customer outside of Auth0: