Other ways to delete shadow users

It’s starting to feel like Delete User by Email does not work. Auth0 Management API v2

We have run into 2 different issues where that is supposed to be solution, but we still have problems. We have a custom database with trickle migration enabled.

Problem 1
We are slowly rolling out our Auth0 integration to Production users. I never saw this error during development, but a few users have gotten “User already exists”. I saw here the solution was the above, delete the user connection, but that has not worked. We tried like 5 times on one user. Luckily, we got around this because we also have an enterprise connection with Azure AD that has been working great, so we direct the users to login that way. However, we can’t be sure all our customers will have Azure AD.

Problem 2
“DB Get user Custom script: please verify the provided email/username or password.”
The fix for this is also supposed to be the above, but does not work. I’m trying to fix one of our Development tenant users (an important admin user) and it keeps getting that error no matter how many times I use the API to delete. When I run my custom DB Login and Get scripts for that user, they work fine, I see the user data I expect, so it seems to be something on Auth0’s end once the user comes back.

Is there any other possible fix to clear out “shadow” users?