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User Already Exists

We’re having some trouble creating an account for one of our users. We’re trying to create them on our standard database connection, but any attempt to create them via the management portal, or the API fails due to them existing.

Trying to find the user via the API or the dashboard search returns no results, so we’re not sure if we have a stuck user account or not.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Having same/similar issue when signing up a new user. I get the ‘user already exists’ but the user is new, I have tried various made up users to check.

Hey everyone!

Thanks for reporting that! Can you let me know if there is any more context you can provide to let me dig into it with more knowledge and let you debug it?

Hi Konrad
Unfortunately I’m not sure if there’s much more that I can provide on this. We did a migration over from an old identity database some time back, the scripts have since been removed from the connection. This one is a user who hasn’t logged in for a considerable time, so they have not been migrated into Auth0, and when we tried to manually create this in here, that’s when we started to get the User Already exists error, so whether it was something to do with the migration for this user not completing properly in the past, I am unsure.

Sure! Thank you for providing that context! Let me dig into it and potentially ask more questions! If you can also send me your tenant name via private message it will be perfect!

Having the same issue with one of our users.

The user tried to reset password while it existed only in our database but not in Auth0. A password reset link was sent and was able to reset the password. There was however no Auth0 user visible.

To resolve this we decided to just try to delete the user from our end. Upon creating the user again the user was however allegedly already present in Auth0. The user cannot however be found in the list of users or when using the management API searching for that particular email:

Thus we cannot manually connect it back to a database entry thus we cannot delete it with our existing API or in the Admin Dashboard.

The options I see:

  1. Succeed with deleting user by email through management API:!/Connections/delete_users_by_email. So far the “try” isn’t working and can’t quite get it the curl command working locally. Getting “401: Unauthorized” with message “Bad audience” locally and “401 Missing authentication” in the docs “Try” widget.
  2. It’s already been at least 4 hours since I confirmed it didn’t work but maybe the user eventually turns visible?
  3. Some Auth0 personnel manually fixes the user? Or other magic solution?
  4. Somehow get the ID upon rejection and try to connect the database then? Note that this is implicitly already being done by checking for existing users before creating a new one. But as no user is found we try to create a new one. Resulting in an error which should be avoided.