User already exists error

I am having this issue since yesterday :
I have registered a serie of user through the webapp, and the last two did not appear in the web view (under the category users), as well as they are not present when I call the management API with the dedicated route (the other users are indeed there). The problem is when I try to add them through the UX (and with a signup API call) I get the error that the user already exists.

Is it something that I am missing or is there a problem on Auth0 side ?

Hi there @augustin.barbe, welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Can you direct message me the two users(their emails) you tried to register but was unable to do so? Also can you please send me the tenant you are currently importing into? Thanks in advance

I apologize for the delay, I wanted to touch base and see if you were still facing this challenge. Thank you.

@James.Morrison I need your help. I have an account however I can not log on. It gets to the double authentication page and I can not make it past that. Any help would be great. I have tried to get in touch with support but I am still waiting to hear back.

@jbradshaw thanks for letting me know, I will have a team mate reach out to you on this front here in just a bit.

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