User not visible in dashboard but "User already exists"

Dear Auth0/community,

There seems to be a bug in Auth0, where a user is registered, but does not appear on the dashboard (neither in the management API). When I try to register the user again, Auth0 says “User already exists”.

This is blocking the addition of new users to my application. I am in a startup phase and do not yet have a need for a paid account. The ticketing system is closed off to free accounts. Can I solve this issue myself, or somehow approach the dev team to find a solution?

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We can try troubleshooting this together! Is the user being registered via the dashboard , through the application by email / by social media connection, or by the API endpoint? By chance has the user previously signed up and was deleted before registering again?

Also, how much time between the user registering and them not appearing in the dashboard?

Hi @kimcodes, thanks for helping out. The account was created for the first time, via an implicit flow: my site redirects to Auth0, where the user clicked “Sign up” and filled in his email address and password. The account did not exist previously.

Normally, the new account would appear on the Auth0 dashboard - since a few weeks the accounts never show up. The behavior is consistent and reproducible, I just tried to sign up again with a new address and the signup flow completes, but I do not see a user in Auth0.

Dear Auth0/community,

we have the same problem. We have created an account on the user page of
The user is not visible after an hour.
Look like the list is cached and isn’t getting flushed when a user is created.

Same for a other user we have deleted, it’s still showing in the list.

@lars Support has gotten back to me - they say I’m not seeing updates on the dashboard because a month ago, one of my users was spamming connections.

The dashboard is not showing any restrictions, and the latest login shows as a month ago (even for active accounts), it seems like there might be something else going on. It would be a very strange choice from a functionality perspective to block updates to the dashboard in this way, and yet allow the creation of users and allow logins for existing users as if nothing is wrong. Who knows.

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