New users not appearing in dashboard

Over the last two days, we’ve created a few new users using “sign up” through our app using username-password, but they’re not appearing in the dashboard. When we try to add the same user after attempted sign up, we get “user already exists”. The successful signup is visible in the logs.

This is similar to previous postings, e.g., User not visible in dashboard but "User already exists", User Not Showing In Dashboard.

Thanks for your help!

Similar for me. I cannot see new user on a user list who has logged in with google-auth (can see he has done it in logs).
Also “User” list says that the last action of my users was a day ago, which I’m certain is not correct.

Hi @blekione, @sallyamoore

Are these users showing up eventually or are they never appearing? Are you both using the hosted login? And can you please DM me the name of the effected tenant?

It looks like this might be related to in issue we are experiencing. Here is the status page:

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They are never appearing. We are using the hosted login. The status page is now showing “resolved,” but the users still aren’t showing up for us.

HI Dan,

I’ve found this issue just yesterday. Checked again right now and it still doesn’t show any action of my users at “User” view, except for a one user for which I have changed the role. Other than that it says that last interaction (login) was 2 days ago. I’m sending you details of affected tenant in DM

Sorry. All is working back again

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Great. Let us know if you still see issues with this.

We still do not see multiple users with logs of successful signup. Please advise.

Resolved in DM. Please reach out to me if you have any more issues.

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