Newly created user not showing up on users list. (showing up only after he has logged in at least once)


I have a problem getting all users from Auth0.

In fact, when I create a new user and then call the endpoint “/api/v2/users”, I see all other users but not the newly created one (even though the user in question has checked his email and changed his password).

He appears on the users list only after he has logged in.

Can someone help me to understand the cause of the problem and how I could solve it?

Thank you in advance for your time and help,

How do you create the user? Via Management API or via Dashboard UI? (At first sight, sounds like a bug to me.)
Do you have any Rules enabled, i.e. account linking rule or alike? (Just asking to rule out as much as possible that could potentially get in the way).

Hello Mathias,

Thanks for the fast reply.

I created the user using Management API.
No custom/specific rules enabled (only username-password-authentication).

Ok, that’s weird, I tested it in one of my Auth0 tenants and cannot reproduce it. I see the user right away.

Do you see the user creation also properly logged in the logs in Dashboard?
Does it happen with all users that you create this way, or only some?

I’m also checking internally if anybody ever came across this issue.

Hi again Mathias,

Everything seems to be OK on the logs side (as you can see in the following screenshots).
Yes it happens with all users that I create.
I found a previous topic dealing with the same issue : but no solution was provided.
Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 17.00.40

Also ruling out: you’re using a standard Auth0 database connection, not a custom db, right?