Newly registered user not in users list

I registered a user however the user is not appearing in Management API list of users (using GET /users) even after waiting a while after registration.
It is also not appearing on the list of users shown on the dashboard.

However if I login using the user’s credentials, I can get the jwt without any issues.

This only happened since 5 hours ago. It was working fine before…

Hey there!

Is it only one specific user? Have you tried with other ones?

We are experiencing the same issue since a couple of hours. After investigation I noticed that users aren’t showing up when their email is not verified.

Update: Seems like it does not matter which change is being made to the user, any change will do to make the newly registered user show up.

We have been experiencing the same for the last 24 hours. All users created give a “Success Signup” and a “Success Exchange” in the auth0 log but the users do not exist in the database through the Maintenance API or the normal Auth0 admin interface “User” page. This means new customers cannot signup with us. What is the issue?

thanks its working now … seems like its related to this

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Yep sorry for the inconvenience but it must have been related to the outage that Stanley shared. Is it working for you now @wjans and @donald.brown?

@konrad.sopala Yes indeed, it’s working for us now.

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Perfect! Glad to hear that!