Users not appearing in dashboard nor fetching through API

If a user has been created through the Universal Login form they do not appear in the user dashboard and they do not appear when fetching all users through the API.

I was able to find a users auth0 id through logs and was able to fetch the user through the API.
It seems to be a bug somewhere.

Hi @lj_dev,

This might be related to an issue that was happening yesterday which was recently resolved:

Are you able to see newly created users now?


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Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for the quick reply.
I have tested it now and new users now appear.
Is there a way of getting the users to appear on the dashboard, which was created while the issue was ongoing?

Hi @lj_dev,

Since you are still not seeing the users that were created during the incident, I created a ticket for you with our Engineering team to resolve this for your tenant. I’ll send you a message when it is resolved.



Your tenant should be taken care of now. All users should now be visible in your dashboard.