Unable to create new users from API and from the Auth0 Dashboard

I am trying to create a new user using both the Auth0 Dashboard and from my own API. I am unable to do either.

When trying to create the user from the dashboard, I receive the error ‘This user already exists’, despite the user not appearing on my list of users and not appearing when a search for the user is conducted.

When trying to create the user from my API, I receive a response saying that a wrong email or password was entered, indicating that the user already exists.

Hello @rthompson,

Try doing a password reset for the user/email address that ‘already exists’. The username or email address may already be in the credentials database, which we cannot see. I’ve had this problem many times while migrating my users to Auth0. Users end up in a sort of limbo state because they are in the credentials database, but don’t yet have a profile. Doing a password reset often fixes this.

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