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Management API reports 409 user exists but I can’t find it in any way on auth0 dashboard

Hi, I am using Auth0 management API to create users, and now it returned 409 Conflict for creating users but I can’t find it in any way. Trying to create the same user from Auth0’s dashboard gave the same error. So, it seems Auth0 thinks the user exist but I can’t find it in the users, both searching for name, email. May there be something wrong in Auth0’s DB indexes?

Here is the user email I am trying to create “” and I am getting bellow exception with message “user is already exist”

Exception - at Auth0.Core.Http.ApiConnection.HandleErrors(HttpResponseMessage response) at Auth0.Core.Http.ApiConnection.RunAsync[T](String resource, HttpMethod httpMethod, Object body, IDictionary2 urlSegments, IDictionary2 queryStrings, IDictionary2 parameters, IDictionary2 headers, IList1 fileParameters, JsonConverter[] converters) at Auth0.Core.Http.ApiConnection.PostAsync[T](String resource, Object body, IDictionary2 parameters, IList1 fileParameters, IDictionary2 urlSegments, IDictionary2 headers, IDictionary2 queryStrings)

I need to understand what’s happening…


Hi @vijay.tanavade and thanks for reaching out!

Have you tried to search said user ‘’ using the ‘Search Users’ endpoint to confirm this user exists? I’m also curious if you’ve attempted to delete this user and then tried creating them again? If you’ve attempted those endpoints and are still not getting any more details concerning this user, would you mind sending me your tenant info in a DM so I can have a look at your logs/users?

Best Regards,

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Thanks @colin.coutts. I am able to fix my issue.

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Can you share with the rest of community how you solved it @vijay.tanavade? That would be helpful for everyone