Ghost user cannot be deleted


We are having some issues with a ghost user that cannot be deleted via the dashboard or management API, but still appears in the users list in the dashboard. Moreover, we cannot generate another user using the same email address. Steps that we took prior to the issue:

  1. Create a user using management api
  2. Create password change ticket and send it to users email using management api
  3. Give a user a role using management api
  4. Give a user permissions using the management api

The user was able to access the app yesterday, however today he no longer has access and we cannot delete and create a new user.
I found this blog from 2017 - Linking user accounts leave behind corrupted users
but it’s not helpful. Any idea what’s going on?


Any analysis on this sort of issues require most of the times knowing specific data about the user in question. I understand this is a public forum so there are considerations around this, if their user identifier does not include any sensitive information are you okay with sharing the user identifier and tenant name?

Hi, the user is a test user on our stage Auth0 platform so I can happily share the user info.

ID- auth0|5f95882d418fef00683f3bc4
Name - Yoni

I was only able to get this info running a management api call (the postal doesn’t show any info for that user - when selected it says that the user doesn’t exist).

Any idea what might be the issue? It’s quite frustrating to not be able to add/delete this user…

Hi @student,

I do not have much context on this issue. If you think deleting this user and recreating the user, you can try the Delete a connection user endpoint of the Management API.

Let me know if that helps.

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I am getting a 204 response (meaning that the user was successfully deleted/ no longer exists), but the user still shows up in the Auth0 portal, as well as in the Management API GET users call.

Hey there @student!

Can we ask you to see if such thing is only happening for that particular user?

Hi @student,

Also please DM me the user id and the tenant domain to have a further look.

ID- auth0|5f95882d418fef00683f3bc4
Domain - desalitech-stage

I haven’t seen this happen with other users. I am able to create and delete users without any issue.

Interesting. Haven’t seen a similar issue before. Allow me some time to investigate this and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have an update.

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Thanks @supun for handling that!