Not able to delete shadow user with Delete user by email endpoint

We are using a custom database with import flag turned on.
We ran into an issue where a user entered the wrong password too many times during the lazy migration process (so migration never happened). Logs show that user IP was blocked. After that user tries to reset password, but he gets error. The logs shows this error was returned
DB Get user Custom script: please verify the provided email/username or password

Actions that I have taken
I have tested Getuser script for this user, and that returns the profile correctly.
Tried forgot password from another machine (in case it’s just the user IP being the problem)
Also tried the fix mentioned in this thread supposed to be The delete call returned 204, but user is still getting the same error for the Forgot Password.
I tried to create another user with the user’s email, that also returned the same DB Get user Custom Script.

Is there anything else that we could try? Can’t think of anyway I could either delete/clean this user email.

Hi there @nardeep !
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Can you try approaching it a bit differently and delete the user block with the delete-user-blocks endpoint - Auth0 Management API v2 and try them to log in again?

Please let us know if that helped!

Thanks. It was a data issue.
If anyone is facing this issue, the user delete by email was not working because the shadow user in the picture had another associated email.
User shadow account was blocked due to invalid password. Now he changed the email from A to B, and auth0 shows log for both emails A & B. But the delete function was not working with email B. When I tried delete user endpoint with email A, the user record was cleanedup.

That’s a tricky case indeed! Thanks for sharing @nardeep :raised_hands:t3:

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